Green Key International awards


Our commitment to the environment has been rewarded with the Green Key Label

In our constant quest for excellence, we are proud to announce that our establishments Le Palace de Menthon, Le Marriott Lyon Cité Internationale, Le Grand Pavillon Chantilly ainsi que le Kopster Lyon et le Kopster Colombes have received the prestigious Green Key certification. For most of these establishments, the certification is a renewal.

what does Green Key certification mean?

Green Key is the first sustainable tourism label for tourist accommodation and restaurants. The criteria of the Clef Verte label require respect for nature and people, in particular by controlling water and energy consumption, managing waste in an environmentally-friendly way and promoting local players and assets.

Environmental actions taken

Our establishments implement various actions to limite their environmental impact. All waste is sorted and then recycled. As for bio-waste, it is collected to be recycled, in particular to naturally nourish the surrounding soil.

Our aim is to limit the use of products that are harmful to the planet and the use of plastic. In our rooms, all reception products are made from recycled and recyclable materials. We tend to offer our customers large refillable glass bottles to further limit the use of plastic.

We are working with Sapocycle, a non-profit organisation whose mission is to collect and recycle hotel soaps for humanitarian purposes. The aim is to transform this waste into a resource for vulnerable populations by giving them access to hygiene. The soaps are collected and transformed into new bars of soap by disabled people under strict bacteriological control, then distributed to children and families in need to improve their sanitary conditions. For a sustainable caring environment.

Every year, our hotels take part in Earth Hour, the biggest public campaign for the planet organised by the WWF ! Thousands of iconic monuments are symbolically plunged into darkness and millions of citizens are invited to carry out a positive activity for the planet. At our level, we are taking part in this event by switching off the lights in common areas and the illuminated signs in our establishments. A simple gesture to show our support for the protection of the home we all share: the planet.

Various initiatives to raise awareness of the need to preserve our resources have been introduced for our employees and customers. Our teams receive regular training to inform them of the right things to do on a daily basis, such as limiting water and electricity consumption, in order to move towards a more responsible future..

Our customers play an active part in this eco-responsible approach. Green books are available in our establishments to help them learn more about the fauna and flora around them. What’s more, the cleaning service for towels and sheets is not systematic, leaving it up to guests to decide whether they wish to take advantage of this service.

A long-term commitment

We are proud to be one of 1,564 companies in France to have been awarded the label. And we are committed to continuing to innovate and seek ever more effective ways of minimising our environmental impact.
By choosing to stay with us, our customers also contribute to this cause. We thank them for sharing our commitment to a greener, more sustainable future.

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