Lavorel Hotels talents

MARS 2022

There are close to 500 passionate people writing the Lavorel Hotels story. This young group has grown exponentially in recent years but never lost sight of the basics: the quality of the men and women who make it. Creativity, trust, communication and flexibility allow them to reinvent the codes of the hotel industry. Our teams reflect upon the current and future needs of our guests, constantly innovate, remain curious and help each other to everyday, go one step further. They fully personalize the values of the group: excellence, benevolence and creativity.

They are also beautiful people: young people full of ambition, mothers, sportsmen and women, globe trotters, gourmets, romantics, committed people, artists… All of them contribute to the group.

Our talents are the strength of the group! Our cooks, sales staff, waiters, gardeners, floor teams, head office teams, receptionists, SPA teams, pastry chefs, concierges… And more generally, all the people who contribute to making the Lavorel Hotels experience unforgettable.

Here, the possibilities are endless, from internships to permanent contracts. The destinations are idyllic, all different and meet everyone’s desires. Every determined and ambitious person has a room for themselves in this great family! So join us!

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